Why You Must Try Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Singapore 

  • By Liu Yang
  • 13 Dec, 2017

Singapore is a country with many good superlatives in its name—and that includes being one of the greatest food meccas in Asia. American, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Filipino, Tex-Mex, Caribbean—name it, Singapore became home to thriving restaurants, bars, hotel quaint dining places, and even small but popular eateries since it has opened it doors to more industrial developments, professional jobs even for foreigners, and other relevant international connections.

And when in Singapore, you can count on tasting the best authentic Japanese food , for sure. Australian couple Ben and Amy, who love hanging out on yakitori bar in the city, shared how they’ve come to love authentic Japanese food, “I think we were Asians in our past life,” said Ben in a jest. “But seriously, we love skewered chicken and vegetables, and we are definitely one of those people who always crave for a hearty bowl of ramen when we are all stressed out. Amy on the other hand shared that some of the best sushi buffets she tried were always in an authentic Japanese restaurant in Singapore , “For some reason, of all our travels, I always find myself more in love with the Japanese food served here in SG. Ben and I are travel bloggers so we pretty much have seen and tried a lot of food of different countries. Singapore is really something else. I can’t even find the right words to explain it. I think it’s because they have real Japanese chefs and their ingredients are fresh, always. I think that’s one basic thing that most Japanese restaurants who claim to be authentic are always sticking to. To always cook with only the fresh ingredients and cook according to the elaborate rituals and techniques that Japanese chefs are known for. That explains why Japanese food is the healthiest in the world.”

Ana Marie, a Japanese studying in Singapore, shared how she grew fond of a Japanese yakitori bar here in Singapore , “I was born in Tokyo, and when my family relocated here because of Dad’s work, I thought I will feel homesick. But that changed when I found out that Singapore’s diverse dining places aren’t so different from those in Tokyo. I didn’t really order yakitori dished back in Tokyo that much when we were still living there up until my senior year in high school, but here in Singapore, I started to appreciate it more maybe because I have come to love grilled chicken (because it’s good for my white meat diet). I often pair with rice and a tall glass or iced tea.”

For those who are not familiar with yakitori, “The grill yakitori is traditionally cooked on is a rectangular clay box approximately two feet long and just a few inches wide with a wire grid as a grate—the perfect size for cooking small kebabs without burning the exposed part of the bamboo skewers. But they can be cooked on a conventional charcoal or gas grill—especially a table top hibachi. Clean-burning binchotan charcoal is the fuel of choice, but high-quality natural lump charcoal will work, too. Instead of rubs or marinades, yakitori is usually served with a flavourful soy and rice wine dipping sauce called tare  (pronounced TAH-re). The skewers are dipped twice: the first dip takes place halfway through the grilling and serves to glaze the meat; the second dip coats the meat like a sauce. The process lacquers the yakitori with a glaze that is sweet, salty, silky, and absolutely irresistible. In Japan, the tare is used over and over, acquiring more concentrated flavor with each dipped skewer. (The sauce is replenished at the end of each grill session.),” wrote Steven Raichlen in the article What is Yakitori? Learn About the Food Trend Now for the website huffingtonpost.com.

“If you can’t go to Japan, Singapore is the place to be if you are a certified authentic Japanese food lover,” added Ben. “Because Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, you can count on finding the best Japanese restaurant that suits your taste,” Ben concluded.

By Liu Yang 17 Jan, 2018
Chinese New Year is also a season of giving. You might wonder what to consider when you are planning to give corporate gifts in Singapore this coming CNY. To guide you, below are some more reasons why you should definitely consider giving gifts this Chinese New Year:
By Liu Yang 15 Jan, 2018

As an architect, we often spend a lot of time in terms of designing the structures and establishment we are trying to work on. It is never really easy specially that a good architect does not only focus on how the design actually looks and pleases the eyes but it should also be cost efficient in a way that it is not too hard to pull off the concept. Being able to design it elegantly and having it done in a practical way can really be a good combination. So now you have got the design ready, what would it take for you to build a prototype model?

There are many prototype model makers and 3d building model makers that have trouble putting the concept or design to life. This is due to the fact that it can really be challenging to make the design a 3D model specially if it is something that you have never worked on before. It may be hard to put things together, what materials to use to display the best results, and how fully functional the 3D model as how it would be in the actual establishment or building. This article shall give you an idea on how you can effectively create a prototype model and stay as close as you can to the design presented. Here are some tips:

You have to set your goals first. This is important before you work on a project. You cannot just blindly jump and work on it without planning what the end result would be. For example, you are assigned to work on building a 3D model for a cruise ship, you have to think of how you are going to make all the parts that move possible to make. You also have to understand that you are going to build a lot of prototypes before you can even make a good prototype that can serve as a basis for your final 3D model. With your goals being set, you should be able to take care of things one by one until you are able to reach your goal.

Be flexible to changes. It does not mean that you are going to make a lot of changes on the design and how it will function. It simply means that you must consider the best options for your design. You have to make some changes from time to time to not only make your job a lot easier but also to improve the design itself. Because not all designs are made flawlessly; it can run into some problems specially when a prototype is being modeled already.

Work with people. Of course, just because you can handle the task alone, it does not mean that you will not have to coordinate it with your colleagues. This should be done specially if you are not the one who came up with the design or concept. You will have to address the changes that you make on the prototype, as well as some other ideas that you think could make it better to the people who are concerned on the project. This will not only help you out on building a better model but can also strengthen your relationship with your colleagues.

By Liu Yang 14 Jan, 2018
Travel to Singapore and establishing data centres in the heart of the business district so that you can expand your horizon and enjoy a lot of options moving forward towards the Chinese New Year, you should also make sure that they are on top of things all the time because you cannot afford to ease off the gas pedal and take it easy.
By Liu Yang 03 Jan, 2018

Corporate gifts are important staple in any organization especially if you want to build or maintain a good client relationship. Sure, phone calls and maybe lunch visits from time to time are nice, but there sending gifts—more importantly custom made ones—can make your patrons feel extra special. At the same time, this gesture, once done right, can leave a good impression for your brand name.

Many organizations are realizing more and more the importance of gift giving 1) it is a tradition that serves the purpose of strengthening professional relationships; 2) it bridges distance that is brought about by the ever-growing world of technology; and 3) everyone else does it because promotional corporate gifts are proven effective marketing tool . There is however, a fine line between a nice gift and a tacky one, so here are some few tips to consider in choosing corporate gifts:

The more personal, the better. If there are two things you would like your gift to be, it would probably be thoughtful and personal. But how do you go this way without appearing desperate or tasteless? One of the most guaranteed personalization approach is name engraving. The feeling that a gift is specially made for you makes all the difference in the world. Putting the receiver on priority is always the best way to go about if you want to show gratitude to them.

Go big or go home. Sometimes, companies choose quantity over quality in the aim to cover everyone on the gift list. Well, there is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to give out as much gift as you can to your client list but you can really do better than settle for merchandise with low quality. With the spread of custom made gifts , there are also plenty of shops that offer quality gift ideas at an affordable price. All you have to do is take time looking for the right provider to give you the best deal.

Surprise the recipients. Giving out gifts on holiday seasons are quite expected than off-peak season. With the abundance of presents people receive from peers and maybe other professional acquaintances, there is probably a better time to shine. This does not mean of course, that you should ditch the holiday gift-giving but rather, choose a better time to send the custom made gifts. Give yourself time to plan out everything.

Have fun while you’re at it. Brainstorming for the perfect gift idea and looking for the shop that can deliver your expectations can be a very tedious task. That is why the best way to deal with it is try to have some fun. How? Start early. More often than not, lack of time is the most stressing factor that make any project a burden. Getting into it little by little and months before your targeted distribution could make a lot of difference. It could also give you time to really evaluate your choices, compare samples, and survey on the best provider.

The year is about to come to a close. Have you thought about what to give your clients for the new business year?

By Liu Yang 31 Dec, 2017

In a few months from now, we will be seeing a lot of graduations and this would mean more people who will be looking for jobs. We have seen a lot stories or even read somewhere about fresh graduates who are looking for jobs and probably getting the job that they really want or what they call their dream jobs. At one point or the other, we have been once that person who has been looking for a job. We all know too well that we all have our own ideal jobs but sometimes we are disappointed because we cannot get the dream job that we want to have. We also checked on the best way to prepare for job interviews and read a lot of articles about it and make sure that we learn from it. But this can all disappear when we are already face to face with the Human Resource personnel of the company that we are applying for. It is always a challenge to look for jobs that is why it is important that fresh graduates must also exert a lot of effort in looking for jobs.

They say that experience is the best teacher and what better way to learn if the graduates would really prepare for the job hunting phase after graduation. There are indeed a lot of options when you really look for it so it would be best that you must have someone who can guide you through this phase and you can actually seek the help of a career placement agency who can help you with the job that you would really want to have. These agencies can actually guide you draw your career path and help you execute your plans. Another option is to look for a recruit agency in Singapore that can help you look for jobs when you are considering to look for a job in this country. These agencies can aide you in looking for a job that is aligned with what you have finished in college. But if you want to have short term plans when it comes to your career you can also look for a temporary placement agency that can tie you up with companies looking for temporary workers. This is actually ideal for graduating students who would want to gain experience before going out to the real corporate world. Whatever it is that you would want to achieve it still helps that you seek help from these types of agencies for you to create your own career.

Looking for a job as I have mentioned earlier can be challenging but it is the challenge that comes with it that makes it more exciting. Of course you really have to prepare for it and the most important thing of all is for you to pass the initial interviews with flying colours. If you pass the initial interview, it will just give you the confidence to move on to the next phase of hiring. You just need to have the perseverance and determination to be able to land that dream job of yours.

By Liu Yang 31 Dec, 2017

Because they are too busy chasing after their biggest dreams so that they can finally buy all of the material things that they desire the most in this world like the latest threads from designer brands, the fastest sports car in the local dealership as well as the shiniest piece of jewellery on the display case, people often do not have the time to have fun and enjoy themselves. They spend long hours in the office crunching numbers, balancing the books, filing their paperwork and following all the orders of their boss and that is why at the end of a long and exhausting day, they just want to eat dinner, take a quick shower and sleep all night long. While there is nothing wrong with working hard and pursuing excellence in their respective careers, people need to relax every now and then so that they can enjoy everything that life has to offer.

And that is why for those who want to try something fun and exciting that will push them into overdrive way past their limits, they can enrol in belly dance lessons so that they can explore their own bodies and get to know themselves on a deeper level. Some people might scoff, recoil and hesitate at the idea of gyrating their whole body especially their hips to the rhythm of sensual music because they feel that they are exposing themselves to the consuming eyes of total strangers. But they will be surprised because with the guidance and tutelage of experts who will help them master the basics and learn advanced techniques, their confidence and self-esteem will skyrocket through the roof as they let the music takeover their whole being.

Aside from taking belly dancing classes in Singapore to improve their flexibility, rhythm, core strength and self-confidence, there are other ways for people to get back in shape since spending countless hours in the office and eating fast food can really do a number on their physique. For burly men and testosterone-soaked alpha males out there who think that belly dance lessons in Singapore is too feminine for them, they can join the local gym and start sculpting their bulging muscles by lifting weights and pumping iron. With the help of professional trainers who will assist and encourage them every step of the way, they will get the perfect body that they have always wanted in no time at all.

And as for women, children and nerds who are more susceptible and vulnerable to attacks from different bullies and criminals like burglars, thieves and rapists, they can learn different self-defense techniques and offensive moves from different martial arts like Muay Thai, boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. While doing these things they can still take bellydance classes in Singapore a few times a week because this will certainly help them loosen up their body and recover from the rigorous training they undergo. But they should also remember that they need to follow a balanced diet and get enough sleep every night because their mind and body needs enough time to recharge and recuperate.

By Liu Yang 27 Dec, 2017

Most of us are already in the mood to party, right? Part of this is us wanting to roam around and stroll. Well, actually, when it comes to strolling, we are not only focusing on the party. We can actually mean a simple travel just to get away from the city and relax. But one thing that becomes a challenge among backpackers is that aside that they are not familiar with the place, they just do not have the right vehicle to use.


You would know backpackers, right? These are the guys that are ready with a lot of stuff: bags and clothes. The direction challenge may be addressed today by technology, right? You just log in to an app that allows to give directions real time and that is it. No more asking questions to strangers. Such a relief! But how about the car you need to use? You know how it would be if with all the luggage you carry, you would just be commuting. That would be so difficult. But that is no longer a problem in case you are going to Singapore. Why? They have come up with a good idea of having a car rental business .


This is not so much of a thing yet, but car leasing in Singapore is becoming a trend, not just for tourists, but even for locals. Why? Because it is one of the cheapest way to roam around the city. You know, a lot of us would like to purchase our own vehicles. But you know, in Singapore, owning a vehicle is a very delicate process. There are certain governmental regulations you would need to pass before you can actually buy one. And not just that, once you own a car, you would even have to submit other requirements prior to using it on the road. And that is way too much already, isn’t it?


So, if you would want a quick fix, you go ahead to a company that can offer daily car rental . But to tell you honestly, renting a car is not just for people who don't have one yet. Or this is not only for some who are travelling from different places.


We all know that Singapore implements a certain coding system and they are so strict when it comes to that. This means that should you be under that time of the week, then you may have an option to just rent a car instead of commuting. That is such a relief, right? But do not think that you can only borrow for a couple of hours only. In fact, they have certain packages that will allow you to a long term car rental . You only have to go to a car renting services, talk to their agent and choose the package that can work well for you. You do not have to worry if you think that this is a very expensive option. You are guaranteed affordable packages and at the same time, safe and modern cars as well.

By Liu Yang 27 Dec, 2017

It’s that time of the year again when we just enjoy the Christmas holiday with family and friends. And you know it also means that finding the perfect gift for them is in order. In Singapore, as with any other countries in the world, the tradition of giving is very much practiced. And if you happen to live in this city, you know how people love keeping the tradition alive.  But this year, you have to be a bit unique but still customary.  Here are some tips on what to give this Christmas season. You can skip the usual mugs and picture frames—we have better gift ideas for you. Read on and this might make gifting easier this year.

Something Healthy: Surely, others are going to give material things and it’s always refreshing to receive something that promotes better health for the recipients. It can be organic chips, Vegan products, or some fruit basket from a store in Singapore . Fruit baskets are very much appreciated as they can be a good centerpiece for the Christmas table—or if the fruits can last longer, even until New Year. While a lot would go for a sweeter gift like maybe some cookies with chocolate chips, you know it won’t be good for anyone’s health to be too indulgent on saccharine products—you’ll never know too who is trying to nurse a diabetes condition. So better stick to healthier options.

Christmas Wreaths: Now that we are talking about gifts that keeps long held traditions alive, you might consider buying Christmas wreath in Singapore early enough before they run out. In the ancient times, Romans believed wreaths symbolize victory. It also means eternity as the shape is in a form of a circle. It can easily be hung on the front door and it adds a more traditional Christmas touch to any home. It is a perfect unique but traditional gift because it holds a special meaning to it—something that not every Christmas item can claim to have. Go for something more meaningful than a mug that can easily break.

Red Wine: Good for the heart, good for the soul. You can never go wrong with a bottle of red wine. People love to drink during merriment season so this is a present that will surely be received with a sweet smile. Besides, this is the time to celebrate and what better way to do this than to raise those glasses and sip a nice red wine as another year has passed.

Board Games For the Mind: Everyone has their favourite board games—it can be snakes and ladders, chess, monopoly, scrabble— or you’ll definitely find other more challenging board games on stores right now. Board games are not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Christmas gifts, but they are unique at the same time very apt for the occasion. As the person receives the board game, he can opt to share the joy with everyone celebrating Christmas in the house and start a board game match; this can be a good source of bonding activity among friends, relatives, and family members. Board games keep the mind sharp too so you are giving a gift that isn’t just something to brag and show off, but something that will surely give the receiver more things to learn.

2018 Planners : Because people will always need something to keep them organized and get reminded about their schedules and things to do. You can buy them in bulk and give them to everyone you love. So you’ll safe some time of thinking of things to gift to each and everyone. Planners or organizers are practical, unisex, and definitely timely for the season as we all look forward to a new year.



By Liu Yang 25 Dec, 2017

Most people nowadays are looking at the potential of real estate when it comes to increasing their financial growth and assets. Owning a land is something that can be considered as a great financial investment. Why? Because owning a land is valuable because as population grows, it also demands more building for offices and more lands to be converted to residential areas. So, if you are thinking of trying to acquire assets for you to later on turn into a rented property, then you might want to already scout for different parcels of lands for sale.

Some people may think that buying a property would be such a big move and it would be scary, too. What they are forgetting to consider is that the earlier you acquire, the cheaper price you get them also means the earlier you can start earning. Now if you're actually planning to purchase any property, what is important to consider is the location. It does matter the type of property you wish to own or build there. Location can give you the market that you might need. What you need to look at would be a place where business can thrive. Or if you plan to build a chain of properties in another land, be sure you consider a government wherein the taxation and other registered plans and methods are favourable to you.

One of the most favourable countries that people look into buying property at would be Singapore. This is because this country is one of the countries with the fastest growing economy. This means that any property in this country would double in value in the coming years. No wonder, a lot of real estate developers look for property in Singapore for sale .

But of course, this should not discourage first time buyers to enter the competition. When we talk about scouting for property sale in Singapore , we are not only talking about opportunities for big developers. We can actually still look for any property that is for sale in Singapore that can cater to a residential owner’s needs.

You see, there are different residential areas i the country that are open for viewing for anybody. What is even good about buying a property in the country is that a lot of agents are willing to assist a client in order for them to find a property that will fit their needs and can even discuss different payment terms and options for them.

Now, if you bought a property and you're not planning to use it personally, then you can use that property as a business venture. You may want people to rent the land or you can establish a building and then have people rent it out. This can give you benefits in two ways. First, you can use the payment of your tenants to pay for your mortgage and then the remaining as your savings. And should you be able to save more, you might want to purchase another property and again convert that to a stable source of income.

By Liu Yang 25 Dec, 2017

We all want fair skin and even skin tone. It makes us more confident and makes us more presentable at the same time. Physical appearance is quite important and most people even put a lot of effort in order for them to make sure that they are looking their best whenever at work or even when at home. But what most people are concerned about regarding physical appearance is Acne and the scars it leaves on our face and body. It is normal for everyone to experience having acne at some point of their life, specially during the puberty stage of a person. But if the acne would not go away and it leaves a lot of scars whenever it does, then you really need to work on getting it taken care of.


Here in Singapore, various acne treatment and acne scar laser treatment are available on various dermatology clinics. Many people have undergone acne scar treatment and most of the time, it is really reliable in terms of lessening the scars or sometimes even making them go away like they were never there before. If you are suffering acne or scars that it leaves on your face or any part of the body, you might want to consider doing these things that can help you get rid of them:



Keeps on developing acne over time? Well, as we all know there ­is currently no way for us to be immune to it. But here are the things that you can do to avoid them:

Regularly wash your face - To avoid developing more acne, it is best for you to be able to regularly wash your face and preferably with a facial wash or soap that is recommended by your local dermatologist to help you prevent on getting more acne. Washing regularly clears away dirt build up on your pores which leads to inflammation then pimples. If you are able to avoid that, then you should be able to see improvement.


Watch your diet - Most of the time, fatty and oily foods are the causes of why our body suddenly develops acne. There are quite a list of food that you may want to try to avoid or at least reduce the consumption so that your body will not react too negatively on the food which would cause more acne. Try to avoid those foods with high oil content as well as gluten.


Acne Scars

You finally got rid of acne but having trouble with the scars that it left behind? Well, you have couple of options here:


Facial products - You can buy facial products that can help you getting rid of those scars. It can be an ointment or gel that you can apply on the affected area over time or it could be something that you can use to wash your face with. There are many proven products that are really effective but it would really depend on how the skin of the user would react to it. In order to avoid any kind of complication, try to check first the contents of the product that you will be using.


Professional assistance - If you are not really confident on providing yourself a resolution for it, then it might really be best for you to consult a professional. A dermatologist can let you know the best way you can remove acne scars from your skin, depending on what they would be able to find out on how your acne developed and the condition of your skin.

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